My Secret Disclosed to You

One of my major faults is that I see more in others than I see in myself.
And I'm so tired, literally, sick and tired of this.
I am more, way more than that mimic of a man that looks back at me from my mirror.
I don't know who that man is, yet he knows all of my faults and weaknesses.
He lies to me constantly, reminds me of all my shortcomings and fears.
Day after day, he convincingly speaks in my voice, telling me, "What once was, will never be again."
I'm done listening to him.
If I am going to be a failure, then I choose to be a failure at failing.
I've made it this far in life, dodged obstacles both large and small.
I've come way too far to lay stagnant, believing that there is nothing more to me.
Life is just a reflection of one's self, and I not only hold the mirror, but I hold myself responsible for all of what I see.
Today the eyes of my soul have opened wide, and I can clearly see what must be done to take back what is truly mine.
Realizing this, I got up and stood in front of the mirror, looked eye to eye and smiled at the man looking back at me.
He smiled too, but had this question mark look on his face.
So I simply told him,
"Get ready, I'm back, and I'm coming for all of what belongs to me,
I'm coming for YOU...
Sir Hushhh... is only the Beginning!!!